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Bodyguard Services

Bodyguard Services

Security Defense Solutions & Associates LLC (S.D.S.) is dedicated to understanding the personal needs and concerns of individuals requiring bodyguard services.

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Many important public figures in private or public life depend on bodyguards services. Whether they are government officials, celebrities or private CEOs they are often protected by a bodyguard or by a team of bodyguards. In the higher up government situations law enforcement (State Police or U.S. Secret Service) is often used to protection officials working in their official capacity. In most high profile non government situations, private bodyguards are used. Many of those situations it is only a small team or in many cases a single bodyguard protecting the client. In many situations the bodyguard doubles as the driver.

Unfortunately, the world we live in requires that many people take precausionary measures to protect themselves, their family and business. Our bodyguard services can provide that needed personal security. We provide bodyguard services for private individuals, high profile clients, black tie events, executives, CEO’s, VIP’s.

S.D.S. will listen to the client, and design a pro-active security plan to the individual needs of the client . We make every effort to offer the best protection with minimum intrusion on the client’s lifestyle. We can provide armed or unarmed bodyguard protection services and we are insured and licensed by the state of Alabama.

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S.D.S. offices are located in Madison and Huntsville Alabama. Contact us at 256-337-3467 or email at