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Cameron Bucy PPS: Director of Operations of  Security Defense Solutions and Associates in cooperation with Phil Chalmers, Americas Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide.

The Juvenile Homicide seminar offered by Cameron Bucy of Security Defense Solutions and Associates will be fast paced, providing shocking information you need to know about teen homicide, bullying, school shootings and why our teens are choosing to kill their classmates, educators, parents and themselves. Some of the information and images will be of graphic crime scene photos and shocking video of what our teens are being exposed to everyday.

Our mission is to protect the children in our community by educating and informing parents, teachers, counselors, probation officers and members of the law enforcement community. The information offered in this seminar will help save lives of teens and those who have teenagers or interact with teens and young adults on a daily basis.

This will not be a watered down seminar that is soft on the ears and eyes, this will be a reality check for many parents and educators. Some of what you may see might be offensive to some, but necessary. Throughout the seminar I will offer you valuable life-saving information you can use in your home, business, school and church to protect yourself, your students and your family.

Topics Covered In The Juvenile Homicide Seminar

  • Sexting
  • Substance Abuse
  • Destructive Entertainment
  • School Violence
  • Bullying
  • Suicide

Topics Covered in the Teens Dying to Kill Seminar
(No Children or Teens Will Be Allowed In This Seminar)

  • History of Teen Murders and Trends
  • Types of Teen Killers and Causes
  • Bullying That Leads to School Shootings
  • Myths of a School Shooter
  • Destructive Entertainment
  • Suicide: Warning Signs, Risk Factors & Myths
  • Warning Signs of a Violent Teen
  • School Shooting Prevention and Reactionary Planning
  • Teen Homicide Prevention
  • Crime Prevention for Civilians

If your school, church or organization would be interested in hosting this dynamic seminar for your parents, staff or students contact Cameron for more information on scheduling and fees. Seminar fees vary depending on which program you select and educational material provided. ( or call 256-337-3467)