Apr 122016
Firearm Training Is Critical

Alabama Firearms Training

Since 2008 I have seen a huge increase in the number of instructors and firearm training schools and academies.  There are many well qualified new instructors and schools, but there are also some instructors who did a weekend instructors certification course, and on Monday start selling classes.

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Just as you want an experienced attorney, car mechanic, doctor or electrician you should be looking for an experienced firearm instructor. You are effectively hiring this person to provide you with a professional service, you are the client or customer and it is the instructor’s job to provide a safe educational environment to train in, as well as to make sure you are you getting your monies worth.  Do you really want to entrust your safety to a novice instructor, instructors who only have text book or range only experience and have been carrying a firearm only a few years?  They may not be the best choice to teach you how to protect yourself and or your family with a firearm.

Beware of schools or classes that have a high number of students in their courses, you will not be getting the personal attention you need if you are one of twenty in class, also this a big safety factor on the range, confirm who is teaching your course, is it the head instructor or an understudy, the understudy may know the course teaching but does he or she have the experience.

Here are a list of questions you should ask your instructor before signing up for a course:

  • How long have you been teaching firearms training?
  • What are your certifications, (NRA instructor certifications are fairly easy to get)?
  • Where else has the instructor trained?
  • Does the instructor have firearms instructor insurance?
  • Does the instructor have a list of former students that you may contact?
  • How many students will be in your class?
  • What is the maximum amount of students?
  • How many civilians have you taught?
  • Do you have range safety officers on call if needed?
  • What is your classroom size limit (if it is more than 5 or 6) who else will be instructing?
  • If you need more time to complete the course line, will the instructor allow you extra time at no extra cost.

You are potentially investing a lot of time and money into your firearms training, so be sure you are getting what you are paying for. There are some really good instructors who have a strong passion for what they do, the good ones will take time to answer your questions on the phone or by email, and the instructors who will not take the time to respond will likely be the ones that are more concerned about cashing your check then your firearm education and safety.

Cameron Bucy PPS

Director of Operations for Self Defense Solutions

 Posted by on 04/12/2016