Feb 202015

Workplace Violence Prevention

Protecting Your Most Important Asset in Business – Your Employees

As an employer you may be offering a competitive salary, insurance and a 401K program to get the best employees, but are you offering employees a safe work environment. The results of Workplace Violence cost businesses more than $36 billion in annual loss. Employee absences, downtime, and production losses are major factors in the loss of revenue for most companies.

The financial impact of Workplace Violence from lawsuits based on negligent hiring, retention, poor supervision and failure to mitigate workplace issues cost companies an average of $800,000.00 per case to almost $2 million in negligent lawsuits. The negligence derives from companies not developing and implementing Workplace Violence Mitigation and Investigation procedures. Most companies have a standard or generic policy addressing violence in the workplace. These policies are no more than a “Just Say No” concept, which does little to actually prevent acts of violence or address the problem once it has occurred.

Good Workplace Violence Prevention and Investigation procedures will establish training and information for employees, education and protocols for managers, supervisors, security and human resources personnel to follow in the event of an occurrence of Workplace Violence. Most Workplace Violence events do not end in a homicide, but 50% of these incidents where there was physical contact include simple assaults (not involving a weapon), aggravated assaults, robberies, thefts, rapes, sexual assaults, this does not include arguments, threats, harassment, bullying and intimidation.

A good pro-active Workplace Violence Mitigation program should include the following:

  • Active Shooter Event Training
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Violence Policy
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation and Investigation Procedures
  • Crisis management and recovery

A company that protects their most important assets, the human asset, will foster a positive and safe work environment which will ultimately increase the focus of employee’s job performance and production.

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Cameron Bucy PPS: Director of Operations

 Posted by on 02/20/2015