Executive Protection


Security Defense Solutions & Associates LLC (S.D.S.) is dedicated to understanding the personal needs and concerns of individuals requiring executive protection services.

Unfortunately the world we live in requires that some individuals take certain measures to protect themselves and their family or business. Our Executive protection services can provide that needed personal security. Security Defense Solutions & Associates LLC, located in Huntsville and Madison Alabama can provide protective services for private individuals, high profile clients, black tie events, executives, CEO’s, VIP’s. S.D.S. will listen to the client, and design a pro-active security plan to the individual needs of the client . S.D.S. strives to offer the best personal protection with minimum intrusion on the client’s lifestyle. S.D.S. can provide armed or unarmed protection services. S.D.S. is insured and licensed by the state of Alabama. S.D.S. offices are located in Madison and Huntsville Alabama. Contact us at 256-337-3467 or email at cameron.bucy@yahoo.com

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We are always at risk of danger, especially if we fail to pay attention to what is going on around us. Many people living in and around Alabama are considering hiring professionals with executive protection training to keep them safe. Violence is a problem in the downtown areas and many celebrities and dignitaries live in those areas. Stalkers are individuals who would do harm to some celebrities. There are many reasons ordinary citizen may feel unsafe in the streets.

Celebrities cannot possibly keep track of everyone who is following them because many fans just want to take a quick photograph. An Executive Protection specialists duty is to keep the client in sight at all times and scan the surrounding area for any potential threats. Our personnel understand that they have to sacrifice their own safety while protecting a client. Sometimes they are injured but that is why they are there, to protect the client. Professional Executive Protection individuals have the training necessary to defend the client and themselves whenever they are on duty.

Executive Protection agents with martial arts and firearms training are particularly valuable to individuals in need of protection. There is no way to know for sure if people are lurking around the next corner and what their intent may be. Individuals must be prepared and alert at all times to reduce their risk of attack. A bodyguard may have to fight off an attacker armed with a dangerous weapon such as a knife or a gun. These trained professionals are valuable to have around and will offer the protection needed to give anyone peace of mind. It is difficult to defend against strangers, especially those who may be drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Anyone who hires an agent must make sure to stay close to that individual if they want the professional to have the best chance of offering protection. Executive Protection personnel are aware of the risk they are taking by working in their profession and they know there is always a possibility of receiving an injury. This is what they are paid to do. Most people appreciate the protection they receive from a professional. They do not have to worry about who they might encounter and what might happen. The bodyguard is there to take care of any situation. These individuals gladly take the risks they do to help their clients and ensure their safety at all times. They would not be in the profession if they were afraid of getting hurt.