SDS Is Now Offering In Home Training


Basic Firearms Training Program

SDS can come to your home (in or around the Huntsville and Madison, Alabama area) and provide you the classroom sessions of the SDS Basic Handgun and Personal Defense. (Range sessions will continue to be held on a private outdoor range).

By offering the training in your own home, there are several advantages;

  • Develop a good understanding of defensive issues in the home.
  • Learn safe practical methods and techniques to the use cover, escape, evade or invade if necessary.
  • Learn safe, practical methods of moving with a gun in your own home.
  • Education on how to design your own safe room.
  • Save time and save money on travel time.
  • Privacy
  • Receive a no cost basic risk assessment of your home.
  • Host a group of 4 or more at your home and receive a discount.

In Home Training Requirements:

Classroom sessions are usually about 3.5 to 4.0 hours.

Classroom size need only be large enough to stand at times and practice basis stance and fundamental operation of a handgun. Most dens or living rooms would be acceptable.

Note: As with all classroom training sessions, at no time will live ammo be present during training.