Low-Light Night Training Handgun Course

Firearms training in Huntsville, Alabama

Firearms training in Huntsville, Alabama

The Self Defense Solutions Low-light Handgun Course is designed to educate and train individuals in the safe methods of using a handgun in reduced light or low-light conditions. Target (attacker) identification is often difficult enough, but introduce a low-light or no lights into the situation and quick accurate identification become far more difficult. The SDS Low-light Handgun Course will challenge the students shooting abilities and quick decision and response in reduced lighting conditions.

The SDS Low-light Course will cover the following segments.

  • Target identification
  • Weapon malfunction correction with limited light.
  • Tactical flashlight use
  • Room clearing
  • Understanding how your natural night vision work
  • Reliable sighting methods in low-light
  • Accuracy drills at varied distances.
  • Scenario based training drills.

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Course Requirements:

  • SDS Basic Handgun and Personal Defense (or pre-qualify contact SDS director for information)
  • Tactical light (extra batteries)
  • Handgun, Strong side rig, extra magazine holster, ( no shoulder rigs)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition.
  • Ear and eye protection ( clear lenses or yellow tent, no sunglasses)

Course Fees: 175.00
Course will run in October and November on a Friday evening.

Exact dates to be determined: Contact SDS for registration proposed dates.