Personal Handgun Defense Course


SDS Personal Handgun Defense Course Description.

(Prerequisite- NRA Basic Handgun or SDS Basic Handgun course or complete Basic Handgun test)

The SDS Personal Handgun Defense Course is designed to train and educate the student in the proper use of a handgun in a self defense situation. This course will cover the following course syllabus.

  • Discussion of recommended calibers for self protection.
  • Education of the variety of models available.
  • Proper use of cover.
  • Maintaining proper distance from threat
  • Target identification
  • Shot placement
  • Shooting stances
  • One and two handed shooting techniques
  • Multiple shot placement.
  • Proper movement with a handgun while firing
  • Tactical reloading and weapon malfunction correction.
  • Weapon retention
  • Mental preparation of carrying a handgun.
  • Legal issues concerning use of handgun for self protection.

Course Fees: 200.00 (ammo not included in course fees)

Minimum of 250 rounds of ammo

Note: The SDS Basic Handgun and the SDS Personal Handgun Defense Course can be taken as combination course. The SDS combo course is the most popular course for beginners or novice students who ultimate desire is to learn the fundamental use of their handgun, but also wish to learn how to use a handgun to protect themselves or family in a self defense situation.

Course Fees for The SDS Combo course are 265.00 (ammo not included in course fees) minimum of 300 rounds need for SDS combo course


NRA Personal Protection Course available:

Course Fees: 175.00


All Courses run throughout the week and on weekends. Morning, afternoon and evening course schedules are available.   Self Defense Solutions maintains small class numbers in all their courses. This is done so that I can provide more individual attention to each student throughout their weapons training and educational process.  Self Defense Solutions also utilizes outdoor ranges for their live fire training , so weather is also a consideration for course schedules.

My belief is a person should not have to wait for weeks or  months for a self protection course they may need now.  As Director of  Operations of  Self Defense Solutions I am  also the firearms instructor and an Executive Protection Agent,  I provide close personal protection to at-risk clients, CEO and VIPs.  I understand the need for self protection as soon as possible from a potential threat or harm.  I work with each student and or client to schedule their course in a timely manner.

Cameron Bucy