Basic Handgun and CCW Level I Combination Course


Basic Handgun and CCW Level I Combination Course
$300.00 (ammo and range fees not included in course fees)

concealed firearm carry course

These two courses combined gives the client or student excellent training and education of fundamental operation of a firearm but as the course progresses the focus of the training is on concealing the handgun and the use of a handgun for self-protection. The SDS CCW combination course will build a good fundamental foundation of safe operation and handgun practices while introducing the student to the issues and responsibilities of carrying a concealed firearm. The SDS Basic Handgun and CCW Combination Course is designed for those who are novice gun owners or persons who have limited experience with firearms or have never taken a firearms course or training from a professional weapons instructor.

SDS instructors will adjust the training throughout the course as needed to challenge your abilities. This course will challenge experienced CCW holders with all levels of proficiency.

S.D.S. Basic Handgun Safety Course Description

The Basic handgun safety course is designed to introduce the student to the basic operation of a handgun. This course will cover the following course syllabus.Alabama concealed firearm training

  • Operation and parts description of a revolver and semi-automatic pistol.
  • Proper handling and sight alignment techniques.
  • Bullet types and caliber selection for an individual’s pistol.
  • Range safety rules and protocol.
  • Proper storage of firearms in the home
  • Cleaning and maintenance of a handgun.
  • Basic firearm handing, (loading, unloading, clearing, basic weapon malfunction correction) and proper safety techniques

The SDS CCW Level I Course Description

The SDS CCW Level I Course is designed for persons who possess an Alabama concealed carry license or permit. This CCW course introduces the student to reliable safe methods of carrying a concealed handgun for personal protection. The SDS CCW course will cover the following topics and firearm training drills.

  • Alabama laws regarding carrying a concealed handgun in public, private, commercial places.
  • Type of holsters, purses and other concealment devises that are user friendly for the concealed carry.
  • Clothing options for men and women for concealed carry. (Seasonal issues)
  • Methods of accessing the handgun from concealment quickly.
  • Close quarters drills from concealment
  • Student will shoot from a variety of challenging positions
  • Concealment issues inside of a vehicle
  • Methods of target engagement while moving
  • Concealment and Cover issues

SDS Basic Handgun and CCW Level I Combination Course Outline

Foncealed Firearm purse(This course is often taught in two separate sessions)

  • Indoor classroom session SDS Basic handgun Course- 4.0 hours
  • SDS Concealed Carry Concepts and Practical Applications- 2.0 hours
  • Outdoor live fire range session- 4.0 hours
  • Concealment holster ( no Blackhawk Serpia, shoulder rigs or cross draw allowed)
  • Spare magazine holster or speed loader holster
  • Concealment garments, 1 pullover type 1 vest or open jacket style
  • 250 to 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Firearm (rentals available)