Basic Handgun and Hand to Hand Combat Training


Basic Handgun and SDS Hand to Hand Combat Training
(Personal Defense Combination Course.)
$290.00 (this includes the 25.00 private range fees)

Alabama concealed firearm training
These two course combined gives the client or student excellent training and education of fundamental operation of a firearm but as the course progresses the focus of the training is on defensive use with the pistol not slow fire bulls-eye target shooting.

The SDS combo course is one the most popular course in the SDS course selection for those who novice gun owners or persons who have experience with firearms but have never taken a firearms course or training from a professional weapons instructor. SDS instructor will adjust the training throughout the course as needed to challenge your abilities.

The SDS combo course is usually taught in 3 separate training sessions.

  1.  Indoor classroom session (4 to 4.5 hours)
  2.  Range session (4.0 to 5.0 hours)
  3.  Follow-up classroom session (3.5 to 4.0 hours)

Gear requirements:

  • Strong side holster, SDS has loaner holsters if you do not have one.
  • Please wear belt to the classroom session and range session.
  • 300 rounds of ammunition (revolvers 200 rounds) If you are not sure what or where to purchase ammunition, contact the instructor.
  • SDS can provide a firearm for training if needed, contact the director/ instructor for details.

Course fees for the SDS Combination Course:

$290.00 (this includes the 25.00 private range fees)

Fees for the SDS Basic Handgun Course: 185.00 (this price includes the private range fee of 25.00)

Course syllabus for both the SDS Basic Handgun Safety Course and SDS Personal Defense Course

SDS Basic Handgun Safety Course:

The Basic handgun safety course is designed to introduce the student to the basic operation of a handgun. This course will cover the following course syllabus.

  • Operation and parts description of a revolver and semi-automatic pistol.
  • Proper handling and sight alignment techniques.
  • Bullet types and caliber selection for an individual’s pistol.
  • Range safety rules and protocol.
  • Live fire range target shooting.
  • Proper storage of firearms in the home
  • Cleaning and maintenance of a handgun.
  • Basic firearm handing,( loading, unloading, clearing, basic weapon malfunction correction) and proper safety techniques

SDS Personal Defense Handgun Course Description:

The Personal Defense Course is designed to train and educate the student in the proper use of a handgun in a self-defense situation. This course will cover the following:Concealed Firearm purse

  • Discussion of recommended calibers and handguns for self-protection.
  • Education of the variety of models available.
  • Proper use of cover.
  • Maintaining proper distance from threat
  • Target identification
  • Shot placement
  • Shooting stances, and moving and shooting
  • One and two handed shooting techniques
  • Multiple shot placement.
  • Tactical reloading and weapon malfunction correction.
  • Room Clearing
  • Moving target engagement
  • Weapon retention.
  • Concealment issues and methods and Alabama law.
  • Actual 911 call of a home invasion and defensive use with a handgun.
  • Mental preparation of carrying a handgun.
  • Legal issues concerning use of handgun for self-protection.