Testimonials 1


Mr. Bucy,

I cannot find the correct words to express my deepest gratitude for your recent services, so I will do my best.

I hired you to drive me and my dog from Arizona to Alabama, a good 3 day drive. I knew you were the right person to hire for the job, but you amazed me at how professional you really were. You were hired to drive, but you were a protection factor as well. I learned little tid bits of how to protect myself better as we drove.

The most outstanding observation, on my part, was the fact that you anticipated my needs before I could voice them. Having a debilitating fear of bridges, you instinctively knew how to handle the situation before the situation was at hand. I was very impressed. Only someone with empathy and true caring about the client could be so aware of someone else’s needs.

There were many other little things that I noticed, but probably didn’t speak of them, they were acts of kindness, courtesy and respect, at all times.

There isn’t another person I can think of that could have done a better job. I am grateful for the experience of hiring you, because I feel completely confident in knowing if I have to make another journey, you are available. That gives me a sense of freedom that I was not expecting. There were many surprises like that, during that journey and I was impressed over and over. Even several days after I arrived at my destination I received a call from you, just to check on me and made sure I was okay. Again, I am impressed.

The new sense of freedom I have and feel, knowing you would be available again, gives me such peace and I thank you for that.

The classes you have, Self-Protection and Basic Pistol classes that I took several years ago, are still helpful with my peace of mind and confidence. Those classes were fun, but at the same time, useful and priceless information.

Thank you Cameron, not only for your services, but for my peace of mind which you provided.

Deborah Van Den Berg

Tuesday, November 06, 2012