Workplace Violence Prevention


workplace-violence-prevention-trainingWorkplace Violence Prevention, Mitigation and Response Seminar and Training

Workplace violence can happen in businesses big or small, how you as an employer handles the incidents when they occur may mean the difference in loss of revenue due to liability or down time, reputation and injury or loss of life of and employees.

As the employer it is your responsibility to provide your employees a safe work environment. SDS offers Workplace Violence Training Seminars for employees, managers and Human Resource departments.

Workplace Violence Prevention Risk Management Training SDS will conduct a comprehensive risk and threat assessment for your business, focusing on these topics and training.

  • Physical Security Measures
  • Employee Risk Assessment and Interview
  • Employee General Forum Active Shooter Training Seminar
  • Active Shooter Mock Training Drills and Lockdown Procedures
  • Management, Human Resources and Facility Security Officer Responsibilities and Procedures
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation Processes and Procedures
  • Legal Sanctions and Considerations

If you would like a Workplace Violence program that designed specifically for your Alabama business, contact us and we will provide a no-cost evaluation or proposal. Call 256.337.3467   Email: