Active Shooter Preparedness


Active Shooter Preparedness
If you own a business and have employees, it is a reality that you and your employees will need Active Shooter Response Training. Without educating and training your employees what to do in the event of an Active Shooter event you are putting yourself, employees and business at great risk.

The SDS Active Shooter program designs an emergency response in the event of an Active Shooter specially to your type of business, employees and or customers. SDS Active Shooter programs are not a one size fits all. SDS understands the need for developing a sound emergency response that is unique to your type of business. A program for small of business of 10 employees will be different that a company of 50 or 100 employees.

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SDS will conduct a full investigation of the potential risk and threats your business may currently have or could develop in the future. An investigation and research of the physical site, past of this investigation would often include interviews with H.R., management and employees.

Active Shooter Preparedness

  • Investigation of current physical security measures and needed changes or enhancements.
  • Review of current emergency responses and procedures and suggested changes or improvements
  • Education and training of employees of pro-active measures to help prevent an Active Shooter event.

Active Shooter Response

  • Educate and train staff and employees types of responses to Active Shooter event.
  • Information and training of how police will respond to an Active Shooter Event at your place of business based on the state approved ALERRT Program used state wide by all Alabama law enforcement.
  • Hands-on exercises of a variety of responses of Lock-downs and Run, Hide, Fight.
  • See Something Say Something concepts and methodology

Active Shooter Recovery

  • Mitigation process and procedures after event.
  • Crisis response and counseling
  • Business loss and downtime recovery
  • Legal ramifications
  • Media lesion

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