Church Security Training


Church Security Team Education, Training and Active Shooter Response 

The church should be a safe place for fellowship and the worshiping of the word of God, but unfortunately churches have also been seen as soft or easy targets from those who wish to cause extreme harm and kill. These attacks on religion and
the freedom to worship has reached a never seen before level of violence against churches and the church members, so much so that the Alabama House of Representatives passed House Bill 36, extending the stand your ground protection
to church security teams.

Church security teams need proper education and training to protect their ministers, congregation and themselves. Without proper security training the risk and liability for the church and the security team members are considerably high. We can help reduce these risk by developing a pro-active plan of action.

Our Church Security Training Services

  • Comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessment of Church and Campus.
  • Pastor Protection
  • Church Security Team Training
  • Situational Awareness Seminar
  • Active Shooter Training, Mitigation and Recovery
  • Unarmed Self-Defense Training
  • Armed Security Team Training
  • Emergency First-Aid

Cameron Bucy is certified as a Personal Protection Specialist and licensed as an Executive Protection Agent providing professional personal protection and training to civilians, private sector business, churches and law enforcement for the
past 28 years. Cameron has extensive education and experience in personal security and Executive Protection. As a Qualifying Agent and Certified Trainer II for the State Alabama Regulatory Security Board Cameron can educate and train
your security team or staff to a state recognized standard in unarmed and armed security.

Church Security Training Modules

Training Module A
SDS Threat and Risk Assessment
SDS Church Security Team
SDS Combative Hands / Unarmed
SDS Security Team Firearms

Training Module B
SDS Church Security
SDS Combative Hands / Unarmed
SDS Security Team Firearms

Training Module C
SDS Church Security
SDS Security Team Firearms

Training Module D
SDS Church Security
SDS Combative Hands / Unarmed

Note: Training modules may be done individually and pricing will vary depending on the size of
your church and team members. Please call for a free assessment quote.

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