Concealed Carry Weapon CCW Course


The S.D.S. C.C.W. Level I Course
(ammo and range fees not included in course fees)


The SDS CCW Level I Course is designed for persons who possess an Alabama concealed carry license or permit. This CCW course introduces the student to reliable safe methods of carrying a concealed handgun for personal protection. The SDS CCW course will cover the following topics and firearm training drills.

  • Alabama laws regarding carrying a concealed handgun in public, private, commercial places.
  • Type of holsters, purses and other concealment devises that are user friendly for the concealed carry.
  • Clothing options for men and women for concealed carry.
  • Methods of accessing the handgun from concealment quickly.
  • Close quarters drills from concealment
  • Student will shoot from a variety of challenging positions
  • Concealment issues inside of a vehicle
  • Methods of target engagement while moving
  • Concealment and Cover issues

CCW Level I Combination Course Outline

SDS Concealed Carry Concepts and Practical Applications and Live fire range sessions-6.0 hours. Range session only.

Gear requirements

  • Concealment holster ( no Blackhawk Serpia, shoulder rigs or cross draw allowed)
  • Spare magazine holster or speed loader holster
  • Concealment garments, 1 pullover type 1 vest or open jacket style
  • 250 to 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Firearm (rentals available)

Pre-qualifier may be required, for student who have not had a formal Basic Handgun training course from the NRA or SDS.