Cross Country Transport


Vehicle and Client Cross Country Transfer and Escort

S.D.S. offers state to state and cross country vehicle and client relocation. Traveling across the state or across country can be an over-whelming task and potentially unsafe. Personal Protection Specialist Cameron Bucy can provide the peace of mind and security throughout your travels.

If the thought of traveling alone concerns you, and you need assistance, I will provide an Executive Protection level of security throughout your journey. I will provide you close protection escort to hotels, dining and shopping. The close personal protection escort provided will be in a non-intrusive and discreet manner. The cost of this level of professional protect may well be within your budget. What is your safety worth?

Cameron has extensive professional defensive driving training from BSR and was instructor at Surviving Driving 2010. Cameron has maintained a clean driving record for the past 25 years. Cameron will perform an investigation and logistical planning for your travels with information on the following before your trip begins.

  • Road Construction
  • Detours and Road closings
  • Hotel security
  • Vehicle safety inspection
  • Current Weather Conditions for travel.
  • Criminal activity in the area of travel.
  • Security of personal property during overnight stays.
  • (Rates are based on distance of travel, number of days, departure and arrival location)