Self Defense Classes


Self Defense Classes

$165.00 (empty hands and edged weapons course)

Self Defense Solutions, LLC (S.D.S) Instructor/Director Cameron Bucy has designed a no-nonsense, straight forward self-defense course.

The S.D.S. courses are designed to be easy to learn and easy to remember.

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S.D.S courses teach their students to fight back using some of the same techniques used by the military and law enforcement, but simplified so it takes weeks to learn not years.

S.D.S also educates their students in the areas of awareness in the home and in public to keep a person safe, and how to avoid becoming an easy target by a potential attacker.

This course is a very aggressive self-defense course; the techniques used in this course are a combination of several different fighting styles of martial arts.  The fighting system is not based on one style of martial arts, rather several combined arts, eliminating weak techniques or holes in the defensive program. Students will learn to defend against edged weapons, sticks, handguns and empty hands.

Self Defense Classes

This course is a good compliment to the Personal Protection Handgun Course. A handgun may not always be available or practical. This course is designed to fill that defensive void. Courses are adjusted to accommodate each students physical abilities, age and size.

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